Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

The Risen Dread band unveil new single “White Night Feat. Andrea Kisser”

Dublin based Melodic Death Metal band The Risen Dread is leaning toward a different sound in 2021 comparing to their EP from 2019. Drummer Colum Cleary, guitarist William Ribeiro, bassist Mat Maher and Marco Feltrin have produced themselves and brough Andreas Kisser from Sepultura to be the guest in “White Night”.

“White Night” denote a crisis within Peoples Temple (Jonestown), followed by a rehearsal of collective suicide. Jim Jones had performed several of these simulations before the day it happened. Reverend Jim Jones had ordered his entire community to drink a flavoured drink mix treated with a mixture of potassium cyanide and tranquillisers, placed in industrial buckets. In total, 909 individuals died in Jonestown; Jim Jones shot himself in the head at the end of that night.

The Risen Dread wasfounded by Colum, Marco, Mat and Will in October 2018.
The namereferences the feeling of existential dread that sometimes surfacesin people without knowing how or why. In May of 2019, they hit thestudio to record their debut ep Delusions, releasing it on the 26thof September 2019. In the short time since, they have alreadycarved out quite a name for themselves on the Irish and internationalmetal scene.
Within these 2 years, they have achieved manymilestones: being invited on a tour in the support slot forMalevolent Creation and booking their own European tour.
Due tothe Covid-19 outbreak, most of these plans had to be put on hold, butthat hasn’t stopped them from working non-stop to complete theirdebut album ‘Night Hag’ to be released in January 2022.
The album ‘NightHag’ brings a modern sound with a great production. Fronted by thefirst single “White Night”. The single also brings Andreas Kisser(Sepultura) performing a guest solo.