Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

The Great Divide – “Higher”

Rock tinged with grunge is what The Great Divide offers us, a roman formation that has reached the second album of its career. The really accurate sounds and the performance of every single member of this band are striking.

“Speed”, “No Doubt”, “Broadway” or “Hell Scar” and “Piece Of Me” represent this album very well and trace on the one hand the alternative sounds of the 90s and the Seattle scene, while on the other hand they try to bring back forgotten albums, always coming from the 90’s, by formations like Motley Crue and Skid Row, with a splash of Stone Temple Pilots and Creed too. What comes out is a truly exciting album, with memorable and easily remembered vocal melody, and great guitar riffs.

The guitars, however, also know how to assert themselves in the quieter pieces, where a melancholy shadow falls on the sound of this band and touching episodes such as “Stay” and “Everything Is Ruined” emerge. A great album and a great band, which we warmly recommend to all rockers, without distinction.

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