Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

The Effigy releases video for “Dying Star”

Heavy cinematic solo artist THE EFFIGY returns with a powerful and raw new single in “Dying Star”. Featuring guest guitars from Max Harris of KITE THIEF, “Dying Star” delivers a composition combining thundering heavy with an ethereal vastness.“This song was incredibly difficult to write, and harder still to actually record. But I owe it to myself for the world to hear it. 

Pain is no stranger to my music; I’ve long held pain inside of me and I’ve written about it at length. I hesitate to call myself a survivor of domestic abuse, because there are times when I am not sure if I survived or if I’m just alive. What that abuse left was a ravenous black hole that has since sucked in everything good that has dared tread too close.

‘Dying Star’ is a song about unrelenting pain. The world-shattering trauma that defines every facet of your being. The pain you push through only to drag it in your wake. It’s not an uplifting anthem of healing, it is visceral ownership of pain, and yet, the very act of writing this song and – surrendering to the bitter and unyielding reality – healed me, even if only a little.Pain is inescapable, but if you do find yourself spiralling, believing nothing will ever be okay again, I hope you can listen to ‘Dying Star’ and I hope at the very least, you won’t feel so alone in the abyss.” 

Watch the video here:

Beautiful melodies and soaring harmonies form a raw and open offering. Haunting piano leads and accompanying strings produce a stunning backdrop to THE EFFIGY’s distinctive vocals. The metal instrumentation injects a boost of impact, augmenting the sound, while the guitars enhance the texture of the music with intricate details. “Dying Star” is a compelling and elevated release.

Originally from the UK and now based out of Perth, Australia, THE EFFIGY draws influences from the likes of GARBAGE, JOY DIVISION, EVANESCENCE, and KEANE, and is thematically inspired by gothic and folk imagery, along with mythology. THE EFFIGY’s music is a cinematic array of eclectic styles explored through expert composition.  

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