Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The Cimmerian announce new Ep “Sword & Sorcery Vol. I”

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, THE CIMMERIAN are preparing to unleash the first volume in their upcoming Sword & Sorcery series influenced by said genre, as first created by Robert E. Howard. Landing on May 12th, Sword & Sorcery Vol. I introduces the doom thrash outfit’s collection with a riff-splitting bang. 

Opening Sword & Sorcery Vol. I is”Suffer No Guilt” a song written from the perspective of the god, Crom, the patron war god of the Cimmerians (as written about in stories by Robert E. Howard as well as Conan’s many different comic book adaptations and movie adaptations). It pulls from all these sources to create a bit of lore that showcase Crom’s gift to Cimmerians, that being the ability to craft weapons, namely swords. The title itself is pulled from the markings on Conan’s father’s sword in the 1982 Conan The Barbarian movie which reads: Suffer no guilt ye who wields this in the name of Crom, which also serves as the song’s chorus. The second track on the EP, “Inanna Rising”, is a musical reverence for the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna, also known as Ishtar or Astarte. It highlights certain facets of her worship and responsibilities as well as a reference to her from the Epic of Gilgamesh and her responsibilities in the pantheon of other Sumerian/Babylonian deities. In this track THE CIMMERIAN mention her as being the goddess of love/lust and war, with references to several of the stories passed down through time.

In Spring/Summer of 2021, David Gein and Nicolas Rocha, who had been performing together in the crossover thrash band SEPTIK ONSLAUGHT, began working on songs that would eventually end up on the band’s first EP. They found drummer David Morales via a Craigslist ad, which Morales answered making a huge impression with both his energetic approach and style, and by bringing Halloween candy to the first try-out session. Collectively, the band draw musical inspiration from the likes of MOTÖRHEAD, BLACK SABBATH, VENOM and GATES OF SLUMBER, with lyrics drawing from the members’ shared interest in historical fiction and non-fiction. In June 2022 the three-piece released their debut EP Thrice Majestic. In Feb. of 2023, THE CIMMERIAN returned to Minor Chord Studio, run by Robert Frank, to record two new songs for the upcoming cassette/digital release entitled Sword & Sorcery Vol. I. 

David Gein (ex-BLACK PYRAMID, THE SCIMITAR) – Guitar 
Nicolas Rocha (ex-DEATHKINGS, PENDULOUS) – Bass and Vocals
David Morales – Drums

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