Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Synarchy – “Scars of Gratitude” – REV

Arising from the Atlantic island chain, hailing from the Faroe Islands, comes the newest metal act to attempt to walk in Tyr’s steps, Synarchy, the first ever Faroese thrash metal band unleash the fury behind this Danish dependency, weaving operatic and atmospheric melodies with gritty down-to-earth thrash metal, this Faroese quintet prove that although the Faroese are not good at football, they make up for their metal brutality.

The melodies on this debut album are outstanding, so much I feel they rival the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the thrash metal, shall be envied by Slayer. Synarchy are one metal band that certainly is predicted to cause a storm in Europe, the talent is there, the music was always there, the opportunities, they will be there. Break-your-neck thrash metal is the best way to describe it; the vocals are as heavy as a ten ton weight and are as brutal as a over-spiced curry. The guitars, melodic, yet provide that electrical atmosphere, supplemented by the harmonies emitted from the keyboard, this tied up nicely by the expertly timed drumming, finalising this album as ‘in my opinion’, the best newcomer in the thrash metal vein this year.

Signed to a Faroese record label, Synarchy may as well go yonder afield as fellow countrymen Tyr did (they signed to Napalm Records, Austrian label), so there would be no surprise if they did, but Tutl Records have brought along such excellent talent from what is dubbed as ‘the smallest metal scene in Europe albeit the Vatican’.


Track Listing:

  1. Mirror Miles
  2. Turning Memories
  3. Beyond My Wreckage
  4. Fair and Rights
  5. Keep My Safe
  6. Collecting Sense
  7. Descending
  8. Scars Of Gratitude
  9. Perfect Enemy
  10. Breaking A Dream
  11. Confinement
  12. Place of Liberation