Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Sounds of Hell Records Presents Belgian Black/Death Metal Band Demenzia Mortis

Demenzia Mortis is a Belgian black/death metal band formed in 2014 by Asmodeus (bass) and Ax Hell, later joined by Grabak Hellfire (guitar, ex-Nemesis Irae) and Naberus (vocals). The band delivered a first EP entitled Memento Mori in 2018. The quartet finds its inspiration in Scandinavian black metal, combined with some elements of death metal to make a hostile cocktail.

In terms of live, Demenzia Mortis shared the stage with bands like Noctem, Voltumna, Karne, Hats Barn but was also on the bill of Mass Deathtruction Festival 2019, with Dark Funeral, Mgla, Moonsorrow, Azarath and many more. The band hit the stage more than 40 times since May 2016. For 2022, they have been announced for the first edition of Black Throne Ceremony with Ancient and Asagraum and many other gigs are to be announced!

Before that, in March 19th 2021, the band released its first full album via Sounds of Hell records. That album, entitled ANTI KULT, is an open declaration of war to Religion! The ambient and power of the tracks are the main components of the assault ! Pressure is relentless and there’s no reason to repent. Demenzia Mortis hits hard with this first full album, available on CD, Digipack and LP !

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