Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Sobernot releases “Destroy”, the newest and most ambitious album

The Chilean metallers SOBERNOT, which perform a hybrid mix of the bombastic Technical Thrash Metal with lots of Groove, also touches of Latin rhythms and elements of Progressive Metal, have released “Destroy”, the long-awaited second album that brings 10 tracks oozing powerful lyrics, choruses to sing along, melody, above average technique, adrenaline and most importantly: lot’s of ‘feeling’!

“Destroy” continues on the path paved by 2018’s debut album “Silent Conspiracy”, keeping the technical, complex and hallucinated riffs as a unique identity, reminding us almost instantly of the genius Jeff Waters (Annihilator), for example. Besides, another remarkable characteristic of their sound is the perfect balance between clean and guttural vocals, which unite aggressiveness and melody.

Co-produced by Franco Gabelo (Chile), Pablo La’Ronde and the band itself, mastered at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden) by renowned producer Tony Lindgren (Sepultura, Opeth, Kreator), “Destroy” makes the listener feel the energy and weight overflowing through the speakers in a direct invitation to the mosh. Adding to its amazing cover art – signed by British artist Sandeev Reehal, who managed to portray with his strokes the soul of this new album – “Destroy” has all the requirements to become one of the greatest heavy metal releases of this year!

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“Destroy” track listing is:

No Mercy
Smoke Masters (Gimme My Money Back)
Death By Cunnilingus
Tyrant Machine
Across The Toxic Dew
I Recommend Amputation
Servants Of The Yellow King
The Second Coming

Killer Winter(Psicosis Cover) *

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