Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Sludge/Doom Trio Mammoth Caravan releasing debut album “Ice Cold Oblivion” in February

Sludge/Doom Metal trio MAMMOTH CARAVAN will release debut/concept album Ice Cold Oblivion February 25, 2023 on CD, digital, cassette, and vinyl formats.Decibel has premiered the first single, “Nomad,” featuring guest vocalist Mat Johnson (Second Life). Stream the track and read an interview with the band at the following“Nomad” is also available on Spotify.
Ice Cold Oblivion is burly riff-heavy goodness played by a trio of burly bearded dudes. Mammoth Caravan’s music walks a beautiful in-between spot: it reminds you of things you love (Eyehategod, Crowbar, Weedeater and Buzzoven) while sounding completely fresh and new. Mammoth Caravan’s music draws from the primordial well of southern sludge and doom metal but subtracts meandering and nonsense. The band relishes in the power of metal and their inertia is infectious. Mammoth Caravan injects energy and fun into downbeat music without losing power or ferocity.”– Justin Norton (Decibel Magazine)Ice Cold Oblivion was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios.

Track Listing:
1. Ice Cold Oblivion
2. Nomad (feat. Mat Johnson)
3. Petroglyphs
4. Megafauna
5. Periglacial
6. Frostbite
Brandon Ringo – Bass/Vocals
Evan Swift – Guitar
Robert Warner – Drums

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