Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

SchwertMann – “Theater Of Grief” – REV

Under the project name SchwertMann, 51 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and bass player Bart Schwertmann is going to release his solo concept album entitled Theater Of Grief this autumn.
Bart Schwertmann is the current frontman and lead singer of the legendary Dutch progressive rock band KAYAK.
When Covid kicked in and all gigs were cancelled, SchwertMann decided to use this unusual time of no touring to go into the studio and fulfill his long-cherished bucket-list wish: finishing and recording his concept album that he had already started writing before the pandemic.

Together with his producer Niels Lingbeek and with the help of some good musician friends in other studios, SchwertMann managed to achieve this goal during Covid’s lockdowns.
Theater Of Grief contains prog, heavy rock and melodic songs characterized by dynamic vocal contrasts and depth. During the recording of the album, SchwertMann pushed his vocal boundaries, resulting in some of the best vocal tracks of his career.

Several years ago, before joining KAYAK, SchwertMann suffered a hernia and burnout. For this reason he had to go through rehabilitation and grieving process. SchwertMann used his grieving process as a guideline for the Theater Of Grief concept.



  1. Panic Mode
  2. Antelope
  3. So Tired
  4. Burning Down
  5. There’s A Place
  6. Supernatural
  7. Rainbow
  8. Can You Save Me
  9. No One Else Can

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