Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Sacrifice – The Ones I Condemn

I was just about to fall asleep at my computer, when a small add got my attention. The old-school thrash act from Canada, Sacrifice, has revived and is about to release a new album. Suddenly I was wide awake, with an incredible adrenaline rush.

Sacrifice was formed back in 1985 in Toronto, Canada. Unlike most of the thrash acts from the collective American thrash scene, Sacrifice was aggressive and very fast. The band released four albums that remain classic to this day. After their fourth album, Apocalypse Inside (1992), the band came to an end, which was very typical for thrash bands of that time.

Seventeen years later, the band has decided to reform and put out a new album. At this point, I tend to be suspicious. I mean, what’s the motive of this comeback? Is it for the money or were they just missing their hay days?
Listening to the first two songs of the album answered all of my questions and expectations. Ladies and gents, I’m taking out my bullet belt and my old Exodus shirt, because old-school thrash is back, and at its best.

I wasn’t sure if the line up was the same, specifically the lead singer, who sounded different from what I remembered. I did some research, and apparently all of the old members from the first 3 albums are playing in The Ones I Condemn. I think that it stands for itself. The album sounds like it was written in 1987 and forgotten in someone’s closet till now. If I ever forgot what was so good about Sacrifice, this album has refreshed my memory. The bands ability to integrate technique, speed and aggression was always their biggest asset.

For all those young listeners, I know that it might sound like The Haunted or like the newer Death Metal bands, but believe me, this is how Thrash Metal is supposed to sound. Great album.