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Qilin, signs with Wormholedeath and announces “Petrichor” album

Paris based instrumental stoner combo QILIN has signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “Petrichor”, which is due for release on 19 11 2021 worldwide.
“Like this creature from the Asian mythology from which the band takes its name, Qilin plays a hybrid music alternating between powerful, raw parts and soaring interludes.”

Statement about the album and the signing:

“Petrichor is the culmination of 5 years of friendship and work for us. It does express our energy in its raw and true form as it is today. We are now looking forward to spreading its vibes to the most people and playing it onstage. Carlo has well understood and appreciated it so we would like to thank Wormholedeath records for their trust and positive words about our music.”

From the end of 2019, Qilin has been focused on composing and recording its self-made debut album, Petrichor soon to be re-released via Wormholedeath.
The cover was designed by a known graphic designer of the Parisian Stoner / Doom scene, Jo Riou. The reamping was performed by Christophe Stenström (Slowbot) & Jérôme Richelme (Harps). The mixing and mastering were made by Jérôme Richelme. The band wanted to transcribe through this album the energy deployed during their live performance as faithful as possible, and thus engrave the imprint of their hybrid and psychedelic music.

1 – Through The Fire
2 – Labyrinth
3 – Cold Pine Highway
4 – Sun Strokes The Wall
5 – Myrmidon’s Big Jam
6 – Head Of Medusa

Qilin is an instrumental quartet born in Paris in 2015 and formed by Thomas (lead guitar), Frédéric (guitar), Benoît (bass) and Mathieu (drums) who share a common
taste for stoner / doom / sludge and a strong desire to share their passion and their feelings through those music genres.
Like this creature from the Asian mythology from which the band takes its name, Qilin plays a hybrid music alternating between powerful, raw parts and soaring interludes.
Our work invites you to an inner journey. Each track invites the listener to the darkest and most oppressive places followed by more welcoming landscapes, to meet the
chimeras invoked in our titles. The band takes its influences mainly from psychedelic stoner, doom, but also from other styles at the crossroads (post, sludge, blues).
Qilin released a 1st EP in 2017. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by SWAT – Sound Workshop & Audio Tactics. The original cover art was produced by Paola Parés
Since then, the band has roamed its stage experience by performing mainly in Paris (Le Klub, La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Espace B, Supersonic…). Some shows were full. Qilin went to Rennes & Nantes (France).

QILIN line up

From left to right:
Frédéric B. (guitar)
Benoît C. (bass guitar)
Mathieu G. (drums)
Thomas V. (lead guitar)

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