Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Pandemonium Carnival – “Pandemonium Carnival II”

Details are always the ones that make the difference, and this Italian band is no exception, given how they present their work right from the Artwork. Punk Rockers Horror Pandemonium Carnival release their new album Pandemonium Carnival II.

A fiery record that we would always like to listen to from a band intent on shaking up the Punk scene despite the obvious 80s/90s influences. The general listening, keeps a wild company, grabs you preventing you from letting go, lets itself live without ever touching on weak territories or made of vain distraction. The album breaks through without the use of unlikely tricks, and takes the deserved attention in the wake of a production capable of striking instinctively and with ease, favoring our ability to get straight to the point.

A style, a way of making music, thrown out with absolute anger and desire to do, to the point that every single and apparently insignificant detail is considered in some way genuinely “alternative”, the credit certainly goes to certain completely instinctive character traits.

The Punk Rock of Pandemonium Carnival, moves halfway between The Clash and the much-praised Ramones finding its natural habitat in the various vicissitudes produced.

A band that could soon assume a role of absolute respect. If your desire to leave and explore does not happen only in “physical” terms, then a listen to this album, the band, deserves it all.

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