Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Ordalia releases the new album ” Odes for Victory”

Odes for Victory, the highly anticipated return of Ordalia, a staple of the Italian Epic Metal scene, arrive on the market. Born in Catania in 1987 as No Rules, the band made its debut on the compilation Attitudine Mentale Positiva, and was then taken under the aegis of Alberto Penzin of Schizo, who produced, mixed and mastered Life’s Hell Again, which was released in 1989. The group, at that stage still linked to thrash with strong Doom, Heavy and Black metal accents of the first wave, quickly built a reputation for being destructive live. So much so that the unofficial Live at Macumba bootleg began to circulate, which partially captures his ability to arouse wild enthusiasm during concerts. After changing their name, lineup and style, veering towards old school US Power and Doom sound solutions, Ordalia was born.

Following various organizational vicissitudes and some problems with the label that should have originally released it, the album The Return of the King only saw the light in 2000, although in 2014 it will be reissued in 666 copies by the German label Barbarian Wrath. Putting together a three-piece lineup, the mastermind Mario Di Prima stubbornly manages to bring Ordalia into today’s reality with the sensational Odes for Victory, not only the best product ever recorded by the Sicilians, but a work that is likely to remain over the years. The album, presented by an extraordinary artwork by Andrea Bulgarelli and already almost sold out in pre-order, is in fact a candidate for the rank of milestone for Epic Metal made in Italy. If you are a fan of the genre and are looking for something that is capable of reviving the effect of the great records of the past, but with a modern sound, Odes for Victory is simply unmissable.

Line up:
Manlio Greco (Voice, bass acustic guitar)
Mario Di Prima (Guitar)
Maurizio Caltanissetta (Drums)

Odes for Victory
Dying Sun
Merlin and Vivienne
Belial’s Curse

Alessandra Garraffa (Voice track 3)

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