Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Musket Hawk streaming new song, “American Scum”

Baltimore sludge/grind scoundrels MUSKET HAWK lash out with the abrasive new track, “American Scum.”
A song about disillusionment, “American Scum” combines blast beats, chunky grooves, and dual vocals to highlight the dark side of power and trusting the wrong people. Written primarily while touring through Canada and recorded at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, MUSKET HAWK calls out subhuman scumbags everywhere with a clear message: “No one gets away with it.”
The band has tapped New Noise Magazine for the premiere of “American Scum.” Stream it now at this location
“American Scum” is one of two contributions MUSKET HAWK made to a 4-way split LP coming via To Live a Lie Records and Unholy Anarchy Records. The split also features GRIN AND BEAR IT (OH), SIDETRACKED (WA), and UGLY (AZ).
Check out tracks from each band below:
GRIN AND BEAR IT: “18 Tons” –
SIDETRACKED: “Consequences” – “The Trouble” –
Over the course of 27 songs. each band challenges the next to a battle of the noisiest with varied doses of sludge, grind, doom, power violence, and hardcore. To Live a Life Records and Unholy Anarchy Records will release the 4-Way Split LP on April 28. More at

Side A:
MUSKET HAWK – American Scum            
MUSKET HAWK – False Light       
GRIN AND BEAR IT – 18 Tons      
– Info _ Dat  GRIN AND BEAR IT – Leaking

Side B:      
SIDETRACKED – Pick and Choose – Keep to Myself – Bitterness Grows – Suppress Disgust – Not one of You              
SIDETRACKED – Consequences  
SIDETRACKED – To the present  
SIDETRACKED – Find the Strength            
SIDETRACKED – Nothing Accomplished    
SIDETRACKED – This Too Shall    
SIDETRACKED – In This Pit           
SIDETRACKED – No Boundaries  
SIDETRACKED – Price You Pay     
SIDETRACKED – Facade Enabled              
SIDETRACKED – Limits of Persistence    
SIDETRACKED – No Question      
SIDETRACKED – In A Shroud        
SIDETRACKED – Fear Will Consume   
SIDETRACKED – At Your Feet       
SIDETRACKED – Avoided              
SIDETRACKED – Reflect the Past  
SIDETRACKED – Impending         
UGLY – The Trouble        UGLY – Slaughtering Knife
Jason – DrumsMartin – Guitars/VocalsGary – Bass/Vocals