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Mors Verum – “The Living” – REV

As often as music exists separate from real life, the intersection between reality and the vibe of any new music is always a potent fruit to let ripen or rot if it helps or hurts to define a group’s music in any given place in time. In spite of worldwide hope that 2021 might be less bleak than 2020, a multiplicity of new problems and scenarios have made clear we’re much further from any sort of recovery and growth than we’d like.

What better soundtrack to ride out these ongoing dark times exists than potent dismal death metal from Mors Verum? The Ontario, Canada-based trio, active since 2014, features well-known drummer Greg Carvalho (ex-Bloodshot Dawn live, Aepoch) paired with multi-instrumentalist Mrudul Kamble on guitar/bass and vocalist Lyndon Quadros have plenty of potent venom and killer ideas to spare on their new EP, The Living. Set for release on Friday, November 5th through Total Dissonance Worship (Nightmarer, etc.).

Mors Verum – The Living serves as the group’s third release, following their 2019 full-length, Deranged, and initial 2015 EP, Indoctrination Forest. Mors Verum – The Living was a largely self-recorded and a self-mixed affair, aided by a notable punch on the mastering end from Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das. That band’s music itself is an influence on their music in a way that helps them stick out from the normal dissonant death metal sound.

In the endless rat race to out-spew, out-filth, and out-derange everyone else, Mors Verum – The Living stands out as a nasty ode to embracing old and new, obscure and well known, into something extremely disturbing without sacrificing memorability. Mors Verum – The Living will appeal to fans of bands such as Artificial Brain, Fuck the Facts, Imperial Triumphant, Plebeian Grandstand, Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Ulcerate.

Mors Verum band statement about The Living EP
“The Living” is a concept EP that beckons the listener to inspect life as an artifact of death and its infinity. Dissonant passages, dizzying drums, introspective lyrics, and groovy chaos come together to create a musical journey flowing with variety. The song titles create the sentence “Inside Death’s Womb Purge the Living.” A statement reflecting our observations of conscious existence. Crafted with intention and vigor, “The Living” is the most focused and intense release from Mors Verum. Though the subject matter is grim, the music implores the listener to seek beauty in the vast emptiness of mortality.”



  1. Inside
  2. Death’s
  3. Womb
  4. Purge
  5. The Living

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