Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Morphide – “Anhedonia”

Morphide, its a Latvian modern metal band. The band created a very individualistic experience of swinging emotions, from deep and mesmerising melodies to crushing breakdowns. Fierce energy, ethereal ambient layers and captivating harmonies. You can find all this details on the new album named “Anhedonia”

The band, play a timeless genre, sometimes classifiable as alternative metal, gothic metal with some reference to progressive. Nine tracks that bring something fresh to the table, be it thundering screams or relaxing guitar solos. Occasional polyrhythms and incoherent song structures push the band to the edge of prog territory, creating uncertainty about what will come next, with some more extreme temptations, which in addition to giving a nice dynamic to the listening, makes this journey pleasant and not stereotyped. .

A vocal line that imposes itself on the rest of the instrumentation, managing to amalgamate and enhance the general sound. The songs all have their own whys and they slip away energetically and played with a noticeable sonic impact. In my opinion this is enough and advances to promote a record like “Anhedonia”. But the best thing about this album is that while it doesn’t invent anything new (or at least not out of the blue), it makes you want, once finished, to be listened to again, and this is definitely a sign that the band in question has a lot. to say and that manages to establish a certain alchemy with the listeners. We are already waiting for the next album to see further evolutions in the Morphide house.

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