Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Morgurth sign for Ghost Record , new album out in April

New entry on the Ghost Record roster for Morgurth. The one Man Black Metaller Narthang will release in April the new seven track album titled “Blood Eagle”, preceded by a video. Saturday 01st April, Morgurth will be on stage at the Alchemica Music Club in Bologna (ITA) with Batushka, Amthrya and Afraid of Destiny, for a Black Metal evening. In the meantime, the Pre-Save of the album and the teaser of the video are already active.

“Blood Eagle” – Pre Save

“The Seer” – Teaser

MORGURTH is an Italian one-man Black Metal band which was founded in Ferrara in early two-thousand-twenty, when Nicola Manfrini (a.k.a. Narthang), mastermind of the project, dedicated to genres such as Black and Death Metal, began to compose several songs, driven by the passion for extreme Metal, with many influences ranging between Atmospheric, Viking and classic Black Metal.
In two-thousand-eighteen, after five years as guitarist and growl singer of the Symphonic Metal band “Neophobia”, from Ferrara, which he released the full-length “Monstermind” with, Narthang left the group he co-founded to dedicate himself fulltime to composing his own songs based on the Black Metal genre. In his previous experiences, he has always felt the need for greater artistic freedom, without external influences that could affect his creativity. Therefore, for these reasons, he decides to take the road of the one-man band and, for the next two years, he composes numerous original songs and begins the creation of different solo projects, all on the Black Metal genre, but with different influences. In the first months of two-thousand-twenty, he began to give shape to what would become the Morgurth project and to compose the first songs.

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