Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Montreal’s Eternal Closure presents lyric video for “Dimensions Apart”

Montreal’s Eternal Closure have a new album coming out in September and the third single they have ready for fans is “Dimensions Apart” in the form of a lyric video. Since their conception ten years ago, they have been constantly evolving – what started as a metalcore cover band has become a proggy, djenty powerhouse with deep gutturals, piercing cleans, and three guitarists that pummel the listener from all sides. The single is the first time the band utilizes 7-string guitars, lending to extra thickness and variety. Main songwriter and guitarist Olivier Boitel details the track:

“This one was mainly written by bassist Jonathan Lauzon, but had a bit of a different structure initially. It’s more-or-less the sequel to a song from our album “Screaming In Silence” called “Wake Up Dead”. It was also mixed with ideas he had for other songs that were never used. It’s a pretty straightforward banger, with me showcasing my grittier singing. I wrote and recorded the drums which was a lot of fun. Lyrically, it’s about the disconnect between generations that was created in part by technology.”

When it comes to Eternal Closure’s lyrics, Boitel speaks from the heart; they come from a personal place and are rarely about a fictionalized character. Compared to their other albums, there is less storytelling on “At The Centre Of It All – Chapter I”, it is all about how Boitel thinks and feels about different subjects. Presented in two parts, it’s not quite a concept album, but many lyrics and musical ideas are re-used throughout.

With the new addition of vocalist Katrine Castonguay, Eternal Closure is confident they will stand out, with a meaner sound that offers a satisfying listening experience for a wide range of metalheads not just those into core. They boast no filler, just six solid, headbanging tracks. They are recommended listening for fans of Currents, Trivium, and Periphery.

“Dimensions Apart” can be seen and heard via its premiere on NewFuryMedia HERE.

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