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Manger Cadavre? releases new album Decomposição

The band Manger Cadavre? shares his new album titled ‘Decomposição’. With 11 tracks, the quintet formed by Nata Nachthexen (vocals), Marcelo Kruszynski (drums), Paulo Alexandre (guitar) and Bruno Henrique (bass) took the sound of the work to the path of death crust, but still with the essence of hardcore .

‘Decomposição’ is the second album in the band’s discography, formed in 2011 and which has been identified by the public and specialized critics as one of the most important exponents of Brazilian heavy music today. It features in the tenth track – Demons of the Third World -, the guest appearances of vocalists Fernanda Lira (Crypta) and Caio Augusttus (Desalmado) as “a horde of demons” with the mission of portraying the idea of ​​a rebellion of peoples massacred in the Third World against imperialist countries.

Recorded at the Family Mob studio, in São Paulo, the production of Decomposition is signed by Otavio Rossato, who is also responsible for the mixing. Luiz Sangiorgio was the recording assistant and mastering was in charge of David Menezes. The visual arts of the album were signed by the illustrator Wendell Araújo, who created the cover, and Alcides Burns, who developed the booklet.

Ten of the eleven tracks are authored by Nata Nachthexen and, for the first time in the band’s history, drummer Marcelo Kruszynski participates as songwriter in ‘Cemitério do Mundo’.

‘Decomposição’ is not a thematic album, but revolves around two central points of reflection: life, death and thoughts about existence, and another layer that critically addresses issues such as the pandemic. There is already a clip released on YouTube of the song Apatia, a title inspired by melancholy, which, in the 19th century, was considered the evil of the century and called Disease of the Empty Eyes. Is the first album after the entry of Paulo Alexandre and Bruno Henrique. “This album is representative of the band’s most mature phase so far and as it is the first with our new line-up, you can expect an even greater growth in our sound”, says vocalist Nata.

The work is a joint release by the labels Xaninho Discos, Poeira Maldita Recs, Helena Discos, Brado Distro, Two Beers or Not Two Beers Records and Tiranossaura Recs, and its digital distributor is the foreign Blood Blast, a subsidiary of the German label Nuclear Blast.

A Manger Cadavre? (Eat Corpse?) fights for the end of exploitation. With letters from the cut of class, he makes a hardcore with influences from the crust, extremely politicized. The band started in 2011 and the discography includes singles, splits and albums ‘Existimos’, ‘Sua Justiça’, ‘Origem da Queda’, ‘Limbo’, ‘Senhores da Moral’, ‘Revide’, ‘AntiAutoAjuda’ and ‘Ignite’.

Manger Cadavre? he has performed at major national festivals such as Setembro Negro, Oxigênio Festival, Abril Pro Rock, among others, and toured all regions of Brazil.


1 – Epílogo
2 – A Raiva Muda o Mundo
3 – Em Memória
4 – Vida, Tempo e Morte
5 – Apatia
6 – Miseráveis
7 – Neocolonialismo
8 – Tragédias Previstas
9 – Profetas da Submissão
10 – Demônios do Terceiro Mundo
11 – Cemitério do Mundo

Nata Nachthexen – Vocals
Marcelo Kruszynski – drums
Paulo Alexandre – guitar
Bruno Henrique – bass

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