Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Junkbreed – “Music For Cool Kinds” – REV

Formed by well-known and well-seasoned musicians of the Portuguese scene with over two dozen of releases recorded between them, Junkbreed was created with the purpose of writing music with the DIY spirit of the 90’s, with total disregard for genre boundaries or any standards imposed by the music industry in the recent years. The band features Miranda from Primal Attack on vocals, Pica from Seven Stitches and Primal Attack and Pardal from Switchtense on guitars, Karia from Switchtense on bass, and Pedro Mau from Kneel and Wells Valley on drums

True to the DIY spirit, the album was fully recorded and produced by the band at SinWav Audio with drummer Pedro Mau overseeing the knobs and throughout its eleven songs the band shows a remarkable and skilful ability to merge a wide and varied range of musical genres, throwing elements of punk, hard-rock, hardcore and even metal into the mix.



  1. Wild Risk
  2. Out There
  3. The Thing
  4. Right Here And Now
  5. Karma Is Coming
  6. Morphine On Command
  7. Being The Rat
  8. My Own Mistakes
  9. Blood Runs Gold
  10. Dominant Alpha Male
  11. Lust Is Normal

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