Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Insatanity- “Hymns Of The Gods Before”

Insatanity is a Brutal Death Metal band that moved from Tampa to Florida from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The American combo releases the new album for CDN Records entitled “Hymns Of The Gods Before”. Pure power that combined with technique and originality make this album a more unique than rare product. The significant sound impact that we encounter while listening leaves no room for doubt about the technical potential and when composing the band. The genre imposes the classic rhythmic figures where gritty guitars are intertwined with rhythmic sections with a compressor roller movement with a nice livelihood of the voice that further embellishes the genre and the album.
“Whose Hand Embalms”, “Cross Of Deception”, “When Satan Rules His World”, the tracks that most affect for energy and adrenaline, but we do not want to take away the rest of the disc that this American combo managed to give to its fans .
Good test and good devastating listening.


Seed Of Baal
Ashes Of The Apostle
Whose Hand Embalms
Demons Within Creation
Upon The Ivory Throne
Cross Of Deception
Eidolon Of The Blind
Trail Of Terror
When Satan Rules His World [CD Bonus Track]*
*Deicide cover


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