Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Insane – S/T

New album for the Italian band of Insane, self titled on the length of eight tracks. The Insane, offer genuine music played first with the soul and then with a good dose of technique, a musical genre that can be categorized among the ranks of a massive and dirty heavy metal stained by several more classic influences and with lyrics where the voice performs in lyrical parts of real talent.

An intense listening where the band manages to reproduce original sounds full of energy and pure adrenaline with a personal and particular touch that the four musicians of clear metal extraction have managed to put into this project making the whole extremely pleasant.

We are faced with a nice mix of sounds that immediately cut the atmosphere and, which meet with more energetic artifacts, further evidence of the synergy between the elements of the group that are musically speaking, to perfection. where all the artistic vein of the band is concentrated.

Eight tracks of exquisite workmanship and the Insane are the umpteenth confirmation of the thousand valid resources that our Italian underground scene makes available.

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