Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Imperial Demonic, streams entirety of “Beneath the Crimson Eclipse”

Melodic black metal formation IMPERIAL DEMONIC are now streaming their bleak debut Beneath The Crimson Eclipse at Black Metal Promotions. You can stream HERE. The album will be released physically on April 7, 2023. 

Not far from the brisk fjords of the black metal motherland, IMPERIAL DEMONIC, from Belfast, Northern Ireland pay homage to the more polished black metal sound of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Pre-orders for Beneath the Crimson Eclipse can be found HERE

The emerging melodic black metal project is rising from the underground to bring forth something as vicious and violent as it is elegant and melodic. IMPERIAL DEMONIC first emerged as a solo project, showcasing project architect Cameron Åhslund-Glass’ impressive musical prowess. Expanding the lineup, Andy Heathen (vocals), Daniel Dempster (lead guitar), Kacper Lewandowski (rhythm guitar), and Gareth Murdock (bass), were enlisted, completing the vision for the band. 

Moving forward as a five-piece, the forthcoming opus sees IMPERIAL DEMONIC pursue heavier, more aggressive territory with relentless blast beats, melodic hooks and visceral lyrics. Bringing the fire and brimstone back to modern black metal, IMPERIAL DEMONIC weave together fury and triumph, aggression and melody. 

Now, upon joining forces with Black Lion Records, April 7th will see the black mark of IMPERIAL DEMONIC left upon the masses. 


  • Andy Heathen: Vocals
  • Daniel Dempster: Lead Guitars
  • Kacper Lewandowski: Rhythm and Additional Guitars
  • Gareth Murdock: Bass
  • Camer on Åhslund-Glass: Drums

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