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Holy Shire sign for Ghost Record and return to the studio for the new and highly anticipated album

HOLY SHiRE sign with Ghost Record Label for the promotion and distribution of the new album which is currently under construction. The band has released the album “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest” available in digital and physical format.

Characteristic of this album is the presence of four voices alongside Aeon, four artist friends who collaborated in different ways and moments in the evolution of the ten songs: Masha Mysmane who sings in the single with her scratchy unmistakable timbre and took care of the production, arrangement and mix, Simona Aileen Pala who, after having been part of the band for a year, gave life to the most versatile version of the unicorn’s voice, to be opposed to the dragon’s voice interpreted by Aeon, also contributing to the drafting of some melodies and part of the lyrics. Francesca Chi with an experience mainly of opera singing and Lisy Stefanoni, ex-frontwoman of the Italian metal band Evenoire (now Shadygrove), have collaborated interpreting the remaining songs with their characteristic peculiarities. Signed the distribution contract with Heavy Metal Records (Revolver Records) UK, the album was released on 26 October 2018 accompanied by the videos of the singles: the homonymous “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest” (lyric video edited by Roberto del Piccolo with drawings by theMaxx) and “Danse Macabre” filmed and edited by Francesco Collinelli (Framers). The cover as for “Midgard” was designed and created by drummer theMaxx.

About The Band

The passion for the fantasy world and the essential need to express through music gave birth to HOLY SHiRE in 2009, from an idea of Maxx (drummer) immediately joined by Aeon (dragon vocals), both part of a previous original music late 1990s project.
The artistic concept is based on a blend of different musical genres, ranging from melodic epic metal to Celtic and folk suggestions, through power and prog influences, enriched by a taste for cinematic music and soundtracks. Texts and music narrate fantastic stories, with assiduous tributes to the Tolkien world, but also some hints linked to legends or the fascination of ancient historical episodes, to take the listener into a world far from reality, into an evocative and magical sensory journey.
The line-up has changed several times over the years, and various musicians and singers have joined the founders, but the permanent feature of the band line up is performing two female voices with different vocal stylings and a flute, in addition to the classic metal line-up.
The band’s self-produced music gave birth to the first demo, followed by a digital EP and two albums: ‘Midgard’ (Bakerteam Records, 2014) and ‘The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest’ (Heavy Metal Records, 2018), which were played live at countless shows in rock/metal venues and festivals. 2023 is the year they return to the studio to record their third album with 10 new songs.

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