Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Goth Rock trio Dispel, releases Dante-inspired “Inferno” album

Dark electro-goth collective Dispel presents their sophomore release ‘Inferno’. A concept album based on Dante’s literary masterpiece, it features a song for each layer of sin existing in the infernal realm.

On this album, Dispel follows Dante and his guide Virgil down each layer of the Nine Hells, dedicating a song to each level of mortal sin. Sprinkled with diabolical personalities from ancient mythology and fantasy literature, this undertaking took two years to complete.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Dispel is made up of Ravensea, Sean Gallows and Scott Dispel, a founding member of the old-school hardcore band Face Value and former drummer for TEXTBEAK, who is also a studio engineer, producer and award winning nightclub DJ.

Laced with dark melodies, vocal depth and spiritual quests, Dispel creates a unique musical narrative, channelled through the prism of historic lore, mythology and mysticism.

“Influenced by an equal mix of darkwave beats, Medieval literature, and conceptual rock albums, the music behind Dispel was born. But soon after the completion of our debut album ‘Lore’, the world went on lockdown! So we headed back into the studio to create another conceptual album, but we had to up the ante. A spiderweb-ridden bookshelf held the key – “Dante’s Inferno” in its timeless glory,” says Scott Dispel.

“Putting a literary masterpiece to music was no small task, we had to do it justice through attention to detail, utilizing actual texts and adding mythological personalities, herein combining rock music and world literature.”

The trio also present lore-filled visual accompaniment in the ‘Flames of Greed’ video. Directed and edited by filmmaker Rafeeq Roberts, vocalist Ravensea play the part of the diabolic and tormenting empress of greed Fierna, her powerful voice serenading the fallen souls who succumbed to greed in the material world, delivering their eternal fate in Hell. This clip also features actress / model Robin O’Malley, Goth Jen Brunfel, Levie Mckenzie, Colt Mire, Aaron Brunfel and Scott Dispel as the Plague Dr.

Earlier, Dispel released the shimmering gothic metal ‘Journey Into Limbo’ and ‘Glasya’s Heresy (Acoustic version), a deep acoustic ballad with saga-laden video, filmed in South Africa. Kate Farquharson‘s rich piano prowess complements Ravensea’s haunting voice as she sings of the sorrows and temptations of this forbidden realm.

Produced by Dispel, ‘Inferno’ was mastered at The Cage Studiosby Martin Bowes of Attrition, well known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV and Steven Severin (Siouxsie & the Banshees).

Dispel has roots in the early 90’s hardcore punk scene, when a German underground goth-Industrial club inspired Scott Dispel to transition from performing with Face Value to pursuing electronica. Inspired by Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, Depeche Mode and VNV Nation, he formed Dispel after gaining a music degree and recording studio experience. Dispel took form upon meeting Ravensea, a Berklee vocal performance / music therapy major with a powerful voice and insight into music’s power to transcend language and cultural barriers.

As of October 13, ‘Inferno’ will be available across online music platforms, including Apple MusicandBandcamp. The album will be released on CD and vinyl(with a striking full- color insert). Earlier-released singles can otherwise be found on Spotify.

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