Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Giancarlo Gabbanella – “Extraction”

Giancarlo Gabbanella releases his debut album entitled “Extraction”. A hard rock album where you can appreciate the latest alternative rock and alternative metal trends and then everything is proposed with an excellent sound performance enhanced by contributions that give the listener a nice mix of energy and technique, alternating with rougher, more melodic performances.

“Extraction” is an eleven-track project with an effective and very powerful sound, with excellent guitar riffs and an inspiration that never fades during this forty-seven minute journey that makes up the album. Songs like “Extraction”, “Start” and “Tir” open the album in the best way, with so much power and inspiration, and then the road seems to be downhill for this artist who already knows his stuff, because they follow roughly these guidelines, but with some more reflective pauses, as in “Isolated Life” and “Contro Il Vento”, truly excellent in their harmonious melody.

An album therefore promoted with full marks, because each song is a small treasure chest of emotions and because we are talking about a product that seems sincere and made with the soul.

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