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“Gaslighter” , Progressive Death Metallers Anthia released the debut album

A gorgeous predatory beetle of the desert casually contributed it’s name to Progressive Death Metal formation located in Krefeld/Germany. Created just in late 2019 Anthia has no another history apart from personal biography of it’s mastermind, songwriter and guitarist Herman Rigmant (Anthia) and also musicians who contributed their skills to the project: Sergey Serg Baidikov (Vocals) and Sergey Serhio Karshev (Bass).
The musical roots of Herman Rigmant stretch back to the 90ties when he was a member of Latvian technical death metal band Neglected Fields. This formation from a small country that just regained independence from Soviet Union got recognition in Europe of these days that led to record deals with such record labels as Eldethorn UK (from Neat Metal), Scarlet(It) and Pony Canion (Japan).
They played plenty of shows sharing stage with such a monsters as Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Destruction, Therion.
After leaving the band in 2002 Herman became producer, manager and guitarist for gothic singer Vic Anselmo (Bochum. Germany). With her he released 2 albums and toured across Europe and China. Vic Anselmo took part in many biggest goth events like WGT, Amphi Festival, Castle Fest, Mera Luna. In 2010 they supported all the shows of European tour of famous german band Deine Lakaien. Vic Anselmo also known as guest female vocalist, also keyboard player for Anneke van Giersbergen, Liv Kristine, Anthimatter, Samsas Traum, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Das Ich.
In 2013 Herman moved to Krefeld (Germany) where works as sound guy in City Teather and also written music for different theatre production. In late 2019 he founded Anthia.

The debut album “Gaslighter”
The debut album “Gaslighter”to be released on 15.09.2022 It was created in a stirring time. Wars, revolutions, COVID-19 pandemic as well as storm of personality of Anthia’s mastermind Herman and people around deeply inspoirated lyrics and music.
Gaslighter is a kind of diary that geathered intimate an unshared thoughts about abovementioned events.
The idea that a slolution of all the dislocations in the world is just nearby, but at the same time boyond attainment, shines throug the whole album.

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