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French synthpop band Dead In 1985 release the new album “Comme Ton Père” (Deluxe Version)

Anticipated by the single “Comme Ton Père”, the new album “Comme Ton Père” in Deluxe version for the Italian market, by the French band Dead In 1985, is released on CD and digitally on May 6, 2022, which collects 8 tracks, plus a bonus remix. They arrive in Italy, distributed by (R) esisto ( Materiali Musicali Editions ).

Thus the French band presents the new album: Despite the winks of the Eighties, the second EP “Comme Ton Père” by Dead In 1985 is firmly anchored to the 21st century, especially for the topics covered in our era. A synthpop album, sung entirely in French, uncommon in style, making it a rich and inspired work. An initiatory journey, an experience for an inner transformation, dreaming of the 80s, ironic for 2022.


01 Hey toi! (Intro)
02 Comme ton Père
03 Des Sirenes
04 Process ASAP
05 Je cours apres ma vie
06 Regarde moi
07 Sauveur Supreme
08 Miami 87
09 Comme ton Père – Remix

Encounter between an entertainer writer who would be born and died on stage, and a beatwaker who would be born in the studio. Died in 1985, it is the union between Captain Flam and Arnold & Willy, or when John Carpenter flirts
with “Carlos”. An epic and kitsch blend of black humor, a pure product of the 80s, it is a jewel of good taste and refinement “made in the USA”, but with French lyrics, universal and often busy themes, with refined electronic productions.
Died in 1985, it is the lightness of spirit with the weight of the years, the gloss and shimmer of the showbizz with the gray of airsheds, the delicious smell of sweat in polyamide and the radioactive wind that excites a Mullet man during a sunset in Miami Beach. On stage, Chris mixes voice and entertainment, while Cecil supports him with backing vocals, synths, machines and vocoders. After 3 Tours and more than 50 concerts, the Dead in 1985 are able to transform the stage into a fitness club, but also into a New wave club.

Line Up:
Cecil SansE (PC, sintetizzatori, arrangiamenti)
Chris Bang Bang (voce, testi, autore, chitarra)

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