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French post metal band Cancel the Apocalypse releases their second album in June

French post metal band Cancel The Apocalypse releases their sophomore album “Terminus Stairway” in June 10th 2022. Now they premiere a single “I should Never Have a Stop” from the upcoming album.

Cancel the Apocalypse backgrounds the new single:

“I should never have a stop is a surrealistic and dystopia metaphor. Some scary carnivorous animals entered Paris looking for blood. They wrote their laws on the Eiffel tower. They forgot what they were. They forgot wisdom. They’re no longer led by nature and justice, they’re led by vengeance. They bite, they hurt, they told us to stop being humans, to stop talking, playing and existing. Humans preferred the forest and the sea, to escape from this new urban madness.”

Cancel The Apocalypse is a bridge between cultures and ages. It started simply: Audrey and Arnaud, graduates of Bordeaux conservatoire and baroque specialists, imagine a new hybrid style, blending today’ styles.
They are under the charm of the singer of MY OWN PRIVATE ALASKA who is performing in Nimes arenas as opening act for Metallica. Matthieu will be the singer of the band. And Karol of GOROD, another well known artist of the French metal scene, will join him at the drums. The press, specialized and main stream, takes immediate notice of this new vibe, with Telerama awarding them fff. Reviews acclaiming the first opus keep coming, with the tour starting in Frame, then Germany and ending in a blaze of glory with the Fusion Festival. The warm welcome they received allows the quartet to let its ambition and emotions roam free.

Amidst the standardized engineered harmonies of the self congratulating music industry, Cancel the Apocalypse emerges as a sparkling celesMal oasis, soothing yet disturbing. The result is both avant-garde and unifying. Even more melodious and deep, “terminus stairway” continues the quest initiated by its predecessor “our own democracy”. Audrey’s cello has never been so rich and deep, where Arnaud’s melodies (guitar and piano) transcend baroque and blend into the whole classical repertoire. The voice becomes intimately true, deep and self assured, sensitive yet raw, until it reaches its saturated climax, supported by Karol’s rich and elegant style. His international experience boosts the combo thanks to his guts strike and his intent.

This new world, imagined by the quartet, is driven by new human, social and political codes, in the image of its members. A memoir on anarchy in the XX’s century music, activism with Sea Shepherd, study of the vision of French intellectuals on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, commitment to the preventon of suicide among young people. Values are not an empty word at CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE. Their music is the reflect of this positive reflection momentum and humanist action that they have been able to create among themselves, for their loved ones, their children, which they now wish to transmit to the world.

“Resilience as the highest gii that a man can have”.

Line-Up :
Paquet Audrey (cello)
Barat Arnaud (acoustic guitar)
Karol Diers (drum)
Matthieu Miegeville (lead vocal)
Guest: Catherine Févai (alto)

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