Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

French deathgrinders Haut&Court unleashed new single “Relentless Humanity”

Brace yourself : about 3 years after the release of the insane ‘INEFFABILIS’, French agressive deathgrindersHaut&Court are back with a brand new full-length effort, celebrating their 10 years of existence.This new album, called ‘COLLAPSE’ will be released on November 10th and CD, Tape & Digital formats through No Good To Anyone (Wheelfall, etc.) & Duality Records, but in the meantime, the band just unveiled a first excerpt from the effort with the crushing “Relentless Humanity”, available right now on Bandcamp.In othe news, physical pre-orders for the album are opened now through No Good To Anyone label. 
 Stream the single “Relentless Humanity” on Bandcamp  
 …Official statement from No Good To Anyone label…“Relentless Humility” is the first track off the album “Collapse”, the new album by deathgrinders Haut&Court. from Strasbourg, France. This one is relentless as the title stated, and begins with a powerviolence riff that will keep no one safe in the moshpit for sure. And then comes what makes Haut&Court a band apart the others: a mid-tempo death metal madness part that conclude the track. For fans of Nasum, Nails, Wormrot, Magrudergrind, Trap Them… 
 Pre-order the album on physical edition

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