Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Enrico Benvenuto – “Transition”

A very interesting album, this one by Enrico Benvenuto. Accompanied by the excellent rhythmic session, composed of Marco Portalupi’s bass and Massimo Balanzino’s drums, this guitarist, already known for his militancy in Dammercide, shows off all his sensitivity and technique.

This succeeds thanks to an album that is in some ways unpredictable, because it ranges widely in genres while maintaining the classic framework of a progressive instrumental album. But within it we also find many soft songs which are not necessarily attributable to metal, and in some ways not even to rock. If pieces like “The Run”, “The Goldfish” or “Straight Ahead” reveal the artist’s hardest soul, on the other hand we have slow and introspective pieces like “A quiet day” and “Shadows” which caress the our ears with great effectiveness.

So the album in general tries to maintain a balance between these two approaches, one more metal and the other more pop, we could say, but it does so in a never banal way and with impeccable performance by all three musicians. The guitar work certainly stands out above all else, and it’s truly great, but all things considered this is an instrumental album suitable for all those who want to break away from metal in the strict sense for a moment and savor moments of great class like there are in this one.” Transition”. Excellent start for Enrico Benvenuto’s solo career.

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