Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ehfar – “Nexus”

TittaTani on vocals and Emiliano Pastore on guitar are the founders of the Ehfar project which was later joined by Andrea Gianangeli on drums and Roberto Fasciani on drums. The formation of Ehfar therefore gives life to a new album entitled “Nexus” hwe boasts of the Special Guets of thickness.

What comes out is a pleasant and engaging alternative metal, which without half measures enters your head like a moving train. While listening you can appreciate full-bodied and intense sounds, well supported by a vocal line that enhances the potential and at the same time the qualities of the band.

The course of the disc is varied and original, with sound openings that prove to be a beautiful variant managing to generate a glimmer of light in this almost gloomy atmosphere, but not at all ugly.
A synergy proven in more than one circumstance by means of pieces where almost sudden tempo changes stand out and which prove to be a godsend for not falling into a predictable and banal path.

Nexus ”, the publication of the first album, is the most important piece for a journey that will surely lead to great satisfactions. To be listened to with the utmost respect and attention.