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EEF’s new album “What Eef?”, out now

Italian quintet EEF (Early Ettringite Formation), is set to release their second album “what eef?” on June 7th, following previous singles “That’s My Girl” and “Something For You.”

Accompanied by the single “Faded Memory”, the album aims to captivate listeners with its unique blend of innovative sounds and soul-stirring lyrics that hit straight to the heart.

 The title “what eef?” represents a subtle play on words that evokes the question “What If?” inviting
listeners to explore new possibilities, dream without limits, and ponder the infinite opportunities that life offers.

*Exploring New Musical Frontiers*

Following their debut album “Horror Vacui”, this second work marks the debut of new frontman

Edoardo Gili, whose soulful essence will lead listeners on an emotional journey through captivating lyrics and melodies. The album embodies the authentic hallmark of EEF, acronym for Early Ettringite Formation, blending sounds that masterfully embrace Rock, Funk, Soul, and Fusion, giving life to original and engaging compositions.

The album, comprising 10 tracks, presents a view into the different facets of life, from the carefree spirit of “Downtown” to the depth of “Lack of Reason”, from the nostalgia of “Something For You” to the rebellion of “Reloaded Mind”. Each track tells a unique story, enriched by the diverse influences and backgrounds of each band member.

*The New Single Extracted From The Album*

“Faded Memory” is the chosen single to support the album launch, a track with dark and dystopian atmospheres, featuring a modern Funk-Rock/Blues sound played on very contemporary rhythmic lines. With this track, the band chose to close the album, perhaps echoing the title of “what eef,” leaving all possibilities open while reaffirming the rock imprint that unites all the elements of the group.

The release of “What Eef?” marks an exciting new chapter for EEF, as they continue to surprise and innovate in the international music scene.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this musical journey with EEF!

About EEF (Early Ettringite Formation):

EEF, which stands for Early Ettringite Formation, is a quintet of young musicians from the Marche region in Italy who embody passion and creativity, giving rise to a unique musical fusion. The band’s name is inspired by the world of chemistry, from primary ettringite, a compound that gives cement its compactness and stone-like character. This scientific explanation translates into a more philosophical sense: EEF is the combination of five elements of different backgrounds that, mixed together, give rise to a compound as solid as cement. With a rich artistic journey full of experiences and successes, EEF continues to surprise and innovate, consolidating its position in the international music scene with its unique fusion of styles and influences.

EEF are
Edoardo Gili: Vocals
Mattia Leoni: Drums
Giovanni Golaschi: Bass
Umberto Ferretti: Guitar
Leonardo Rosselli: Saxophone

EEF: A One-Of-A-Kind Musical Fusion

Meet EEF, acronym for Early Ettringite Formation, a quintet of young musicians from Marche, Italy, embodying passion and creativity, giving life to a one-of-a-kind musical fusion.

The band originates from the bold vision of two creative minds, Mattia Leoni on drums and Umberto Ferretti on guitar. After years of research and writing, they complete their lineup and dedicate themselves to an original music project embracing influences ranging from Rock to Funk, Jazz to Fusion.

The name EEF draws inspiration from the world of chemistry, specifically from primary ettringite, a compound that gives concrete its compactness and stony character. This scientific explanation translates into a more philosophical sense: EEF is the fusion of five elements of different backgrounds, mixed together to create a solid compound like concrete.

Over the years, EEF has achieved significant milestones. In 2018, they recorded their first demo and reached the finals of Tour Music Fest 2018 in Rome, securing third place nationwide. They participated in the Forum Jazz Live in Forlì, sharing the stage with artists like Dave Weckl and Mike Stern.

In March 2020, they completed the recording of their debut album, “Horror Vacui,” at Astronave Recording Studio in Recanati. The album expresses the concept of the “fear of emptiness,” filling it with finely detailed elements, akin to artistic forms in painting, sculpture, and architecture.

After the release of “Horror Vacui,” the band underwent significant changes with the entry of Edoardo Gili as the new voice of the project. With the new lineup active since November 2020, EEF ventured into experimenting with new sounds and creating new compositions, already working on the next album.

In the subsequent years, EEF participated in numerous competitions, receiving international awards and recognitions. Notably, they excelled in “Una voce per San Marino,” a contest that opened doors for the “Eurovision Song Contest,” reaching the Finals and securing the ninth place out of over a thousand participants. They won the second prize at the international contest “On The Music Waves” with the song “Downtown” and distinguished themselves in the “Music For the Next Generation” competition with a second-place finish awarded by the jury composed of Gegè Telesforo, Malika Ayane, and Alberto Martini.

“Downtown” marked the first single with the new lineup, released in November 2021, followed by “What I Should Say” in March 2022.

December 1st 2023, marks the release date of their single “That’s My Girl”, along with the official music video that was released on the 13th of December, on the band’s Official YouTube Channel. 

.March 1st, 2024, marks the release date of the new single “Something For You”, a romantic, nostalgic, slow ballad that, perhaps with a touch of irony, aims to recreate the ancient atmospheres of Soul and R&B that evoke deep emotions.

With a rich artistic journey filled with experiences and successes, EEF continues to surprise and innovate, solidifying their position in the international music scene with their unique fusion of styles and influences.

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