Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Disavowed – “Revocation Of The Fallen”

The Germans Disavowed will release on July 31 for Brutal Mind, the new album entitled “Revocation Of The Fallen”. The ten tracks contained in this album denote a certain technical mastery by proposing an energetic Brutal Death metal. The aggressive voice combined with the power and speed make this album something truly devastating to listen.
Definitely an album for true connoisseurs of the genre who manage to seize the best of this album that offers pounding guitar riffs, combined with a rhythmic section that travels like a crazy train, all well blended with a voice that makes the album full-bodied and dark.
We do not want to risk diminishing the work and therefore we will not mention the individual tracks, but in general this is an album that will not struggle to score thanks to the good technical preparation of the individual musicians. Listen to Believe.


01 The Process of Comprehension
02 The Enlightened One
03 Revocation of the Fallen
04 Imposed Afterlife
05 Deformed Construct
06 Therapeutic Dissonance
07 Defractured in Contemplation
08 Egocentric Entity
09 The Inevitable Outcome
10 Facing the Singularity


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