Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Demoghilas – “Sin Easter” – REV

Demoghilas is the solo project of Alfred Zilla, who has dealt with the composition and most of the instruments of his new album, entitled “Sin Easter”. It is an immersion into his soul, with very personal texts that also address the theme of the pandemic of the last two years or so due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
Musically the album is quite original and well played. Alfred Zilla has a musical vision that ranges a lot through various styles of rock and metal, almost always being credible. As often happens when we are faced with solo projects, what we hear is something very sectarian and perhaps destined for a niche of listeners. In this case even more, because the proposed genre is a crossover of various and let’s imagine that Alfred has poured all his influences into these tracks such as industrial / alternative metal, something doom and something melodic death metal.
At times it seems that the voice, however, does not accompany these variations well, and therefore this could be a disadvantage for some pieces that, all in all, you listen to with pleasure. The only recommendation to listeners is to open their minds well before approaching this album and to consider that most likely here we go beyond the concept of music, to embrace art as a pure form for oneself first of all. , and please listeners as a secondary thing. In any case, Demoghilas is an interesting artist, even in the extravagant look that makes him look like a wicked minstrel who likes to haunt your peaceful and safe lives!

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