Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Deadlock Crew – “No Way Out”

Fun and passion are the basis of the Italian Deadlock Crew, who give a very rough impression in the genre they play (Heavy Metal). In the new album “No Way Out”, characteristics such as good taste and ideas darting at the right point, are the points that determine the success of this second album.

Their music certainly does not want to appear new, but while you listen to it, the various obsessions typical of a derivative product, or shamelessly copied, disappear and this should be enough for now, first of all because it is not something at all obvious.

The fire of classic Metal dictating the law you will hear Iron Maiden, as well as Motörhead, thrash riffs and “southern” characteristics, but these different attitudes are assembled together without particular traumas, the path remains for the entire duration nice and smooth and not at all annoying or obvious (be careful with the use of this word!).

Deadlock Crew are rough but they have done their job of returning to the Metal scene and well, that’s why, listening to “No Way Out”, you overlook overused or increasingly disused influences (precisely those that sometimes cripple inexorably), something miraculous if you think about it.

To Deadlock Crew, the enormous merit of having discovered a winning songwriting, capable of capturing and dragging without too many worries. The primordial formula of music I would say, or at least of this, and these guys deserve their fair tribute, because in the 46 minutes that they offer us there are no holes, everything smooth carrying out their duty to the end.

Well done Deadlock Crew who demonstrate that they know how to make their music an effective weapon by playing old, dirty and epic, with that touch and that sound brought to the present day that never hurts.

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