Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Darkhold – Tales From Hell

Debut album for the Italian thrash metal band Darkhold with “Tales from Hell” preceded by the release of the single “Candy Brains”.

Modern influences that blend perfectly with guitar riffs that shape the album, allowing a nasty, wild and sharp background listening, but also tremendously dirty, and oriented in some ways to some hardcore solutions, a nice cauldron of influences, which can only reflect on the proposal of the Italian combo.

Sound manifesto of the Darkhold, it’s certainly represented by songs like “No String On Me”, already released as a single in 2022 and included in this debut, “Savage” and “Howlings”. Tracks that play on guitar riffs with a tremendously “hardcore” appeal that lash out a bone-breaking rhythmic section and a sharp, cutting and modern riffing on which Claudio Facheris’s vitriolic voice lashes out, with a very high-level screamer, well supported by bass lines that are anything but timid. It should be noted that the band uses this line for all the other tracks that make up the album, and that you absolutely must make your own.

What is most striking about “Tales From Hell” is the structure, which does not just follow the classic verse-chorus-verse script, but finds more than one solution within it, thus creating a high quality CD with its natural progression.

“Tales From Hell” is in summary an album more than worthy of mention, which runs off great in its 40 minutes of duration. A pure and wild blow of healthy bastardized thrash metal that will delight many.