Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Cosmic Black Metal Outfit Lightlorn signs To Black Lion Records

Cosmic black metal band from the extreme metal homeland of Gothenburg, Sweden, LIGHTLORN has signed to Black Lion Records. The partnership will see the re-release of their acclaimed EP These Nameless Worlds, as well as the release of their forthcoming full-length, currently in the works. The physical release of These Nameless Worlds is due out on April 28, 2023 and can be pre-ordered HERE

The band comments on the signing: “We are elated to have joined the Black Lion family. We have immense respect for the label and the other amazing bands on the roster, and we’re looking forward to a productive and rewarding partnership.”

“It feels great knowing that These Nameless Worlds will be getting a physical release through Black Lion Records. We are proud of the EP and we’re glad that it has been received so well – but we are far from done! WE are working on new songs right now for our debut full-length album, and if all goes according to plan, we’ll be heading into the studio in the next few months.”

Black Lion Records adds: “We are pleased to welcome Swedish cosmic black metal formation, LIGHTLORN into Black Lion. Upon hearing the finished EP, we felt from the start this was something special that really needed a proper physical release. So the start of this relationship will see the official physical release of their debut EP in April 2023.”


Like the violent, explosive birth of a supernova in the cold vacuum of space, LIGHTLORN burst onto the black metal scene in August 2022 with the release of their first single Unmapped Constellations, followed shortly thereafter by their debut EP These Nameless Worlds. The metal press was quick to assign an array of contrasting descriptions to LIGHTLORN’s unique brand of atmospheric post-black metal: “melancholy”, “ferocious”, “melodic”, “beautiful” and “uplifting” being the most oft repeated. 

The duo, comprising multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Renwar and drummer Riaan, call their style cosmic black metal since the underlying themes and lyrics revolve around the cosmos and humanity’s place in it. Taking inspiration from astronomy, astrophysics, the philosophies of existentialism and modernism, as well as hard science fiction, LIGHTLORN’s lyrics can be considered a manifestation of “existential astronomy”. After the highly positive reception to These Nameless Worlds, Black Lion Records swiftly signed a worldwide multi-record contract with LIGHTLORN, and the band is now working hard on their first full-length album, with a tentative release in the latter half of 2023.


Renwar – all instruments, vocals and lyrics
Riaan – drums/programming

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