Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Claustrofobia releases new album “Unleeched”

The band Claustrofobia releases the seventh studio album: “Unleeched”. In this project, the Brazilian heavy metal group brings back their classic aggressive sound, and also expands their sound throughout the 9 unreleased tracks.

“Unleeched is brutal and was made to be enjoyed from beginning to end, just like the old days – and it gives us that first record feeling, in a climate of healing, progress and liberation”, comments Marcus D’angelo, vocalist and guitarist of band. In anticipation of the release of this project, the band had already shared two singles: “Neuro Massacre”, which is one of the band’s most intense tracks to date, and “Corrupted Self”, which featured Marc Rizzo (ex-Soulfly ) on the ground.

Among the remaining tracks on the album, fans can expect a few surprises. The song “2020 (March to Glory)”, for example, explores a side of heavy metal that is new to the band: “Without a doubt it was the most different song we’ve ever written. I have a lot of different riffs and melodies that I play randomly on the guitar and that we never thought would fit in the Cloister”, says Marcus. But his brother and the band’s drummer, Caio D’angelo saw potential in one of these riffs: “I had the inspiration and the certainty that we would have to do something with that. I spent a few days creating beats and putting together a sequence so that the music found its way right”. This intuition brought results, and the initial idea became the track that closes the album.

The album was produced by Adair Daufembach in conjunction with the band, and recorded at Northwood Sound Studio in Los Angeles, at the height of the pandemic in August 2020: “This record comes with an energy of many feelings and sensations from all over the planet. was going through at that moment, mixed with 28 years of history and heavy baggage that the band carries”, says Caio. Marcus adds: “And Adair Daufembach’s production was essential in the characterization and grandeur of the album’s sound. A master.”

This is also the band’s first album with the participation of bassist Rafael Yamada: “I was very happy with the invitation to be part of Claustrofobia. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to compose with the guys, and the experience greatly enhanced my musical baggage”, Rafael comments. “I could see the connection between bass and drums better, and that resulted in lines that were much more connected with the groove of the song. I can say that this record opened my mind to a more solid and consistent type of composition.”

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