Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Carbonic Fields shared debut album for free streaming on YouTube

A couple of days after officially releasing its debut full-length album on CD & Digital through Bandcamp and the main legal platforms, French heterogenous and corrosive metal project (evolving between heavy, melodeath and power/thrash metal) Carbonic Fields shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on YouTube thanks to the courtesy of the RareMetalAlbums Channel.
For reminder ‘ITE EST’ is available right now on CD & Digital through Bandcamp and the main legal platforms.

Everyone goes through their own “carbonic field”, be it quite soft or denser‚ĶCarbonic Fields, with their heterogeneous and corrosive metal, denounce through their music all the aggressions we undergo everyday and put in words the way we react to them !
But Carbonic Fields wants to be a live band. They want to unveil their sound and visual universe to people. Welcome to our toxic world!

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