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Canadian Extreme Thrashers Korrosive to unleash new album “Toxic Apokalypse” on Cassette

Canadian thrashers Korrosive announce they will be unleashing CDs, cassettes and vinyl of their latest album “Toxic Apokalypse” via CDN Records. CDs will be due out on November 18th, with cassettes and vinyl for release in 2023 (release to be announced at a later date). The full-length was released digitally on October 7th of this year.

Korrosive is from Toronto, ON that is in your face, unapologetic, and is definitely one that offers a high-octane headbanging experience, unlike anything you’ve heard before as they explore and push the boundaries of thrash metal with extreme influences.

“We want to be a thrash metal band that combines the elements of thrash in its roots, but also breaks down walls by incorporating various influences from grind and death, or whatever comes to mind to mix it up.” says vocalist Rad Zarei.

Their new album “Toxic Apokalypse” follows their first full-length 2021’s “Kaustic Hordes” and the 2019 EP “Melting from Within”. Featuring eight assaulting bangers, each song on the album is quite different in a way from each other, and yet, still uniquely Korrosive. They push each track with speed and extremity, from ‘Fatal Strike’ that has a ton of blast beats and solos, yet is still unmistakably thrash, to ‘Radioaktive Scourge’, filled with pure aggression, unlike anything they’ve released before. From its speed, the lyrics, and the sheer intensity, this song may be the shortest track on the record, but makes the largest impact and it’s over before you know it. And also strongly recommended is ‘Hail the Hellfire’, perhaps the band’s anthem to the entire “Toxic Apokalypse” album. Written as a reflection of the period when the full-length was being composed, this track discusses the brutality of war and the end result of each and every individual involved in its cause, regardless of side.

The band adds:

“Diabolical, fast, unforgiving armageddon. From slow passages, mid-tempo bangers, hyper-fast blast beats, and the occasional odd-time signature, it’s a ride in extreme thrash unlike anything before. Toxic Apokalypse is an album that will hit you hard, fast, and leave you with a ‘what the f*ck just happened?’ feeling.”

Lyrically, the music sets the overall tone for how the lyrics are written and substance. Songs deal with topics of science fiction, armageddon, and “what if” scenarios. The album art was created by the infamous Ed Repka (Dark Angel, Death, Hirax, Megadeth, Suicidal Angels, Venom).

“Typically, the way we write songs is to have each song done or be in the middle of the writing process, and I would create something out of that. It is rare for us that lyrics get written first before the song is made,” adds Zarei.

One thing that the mosh pit can always expect from Korrosive is the energy they bring to their shows.

“I always think of a show, regardless of venue, as a performance that is meant to capture the crowd. And as a band, Korrosive always exudes that level of intensity during our shows.”

Recommended for fans of Sodom, Kreator, Death, and Sepultura, “Toxic Apokalypse” was produced by Ben Erikson with mastering done by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Kreator, Cro-Mags, Municipal Waste, Soulfly).

Lyric Video – Radioaktive Scourge –

CD and cassette pre-order is available at the following links:

CD –

(CD / Cassette) –

Vinyl pre-order link to be issued at a later date.


Track Listing:
1. Into Nekropolis 05:28
2. Radioaktive Scourge 01:48
3. The Goddamned 04:47
4. Fatal Strike 03:28
5. Libertad y Muerte 05:15
6. Infernal Onslaught 05:10
7. Hail the Hellfire 04:20
8. Karnage Incarnate 07:39
Album Length (37:55)

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Korrosive
• All songs written by: Korrosive
• Produced by: Ben Erikson
• Mixed by: Ben Erikson
• Mastered by: Arthur Rizk
• Album Artwork by: Ed Repka
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album and Live Band Lineup:
Rad Zarei – Vocals
Jack Neila – Guitars
Kaveh Afshar – Drums
Derek Solomos – Guitars
Carlos Rodriguez – Bass

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