Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Bioscrape – “Hell Or Reality”

Bioscrape are an Italian band with about ten releases among single EPs and albums. Their latest release is the album “Hell Or Reality”, a mix of metal groover elements and elaborate parts of vocal screams. A lively sounding album whose disruptive sound penetrates and hits fast and painlessly.

Above all, the work of the guitars is striking since the opener “Post Empathy”, and on a solo level SIMO the only guitarist of the band proves to be able to give the sound a bloody and sharp timbre, while the rest of the band which is reduced to only two other elements V on drums and JACK on vocals gives a contribution to the album that I would define wild and tough that opens the dance properly.

Bioscrape relaunched proposing other songs that overall are fast and turbulent, creating that general atmosphere typical of groovecore bands, who want to leave a respectable mark in their recording path. To mention among the best tracks as well as the opener “Post Empathy”, also “Global Masquerade” and “Obedience”.

However, we invite you to listen to “Hell Or Reality” in its entirety because in our opinion this album hides a wild soul proving to have what it takes to please even the most demanding Metalcore listeners. Absolute merit of an attitude and a grit that the whole band transmits.

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