Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Bioscrape – “Havoc” – REV

A terrifying roadmap that of the Italians Bioscrape who released for Ghost Record “Havoc” the last Ep of the Metalcore band which currently presents itself with a more streamlined line up having gone from four to three elements.

Four interesting tracks that combine excellent metal with electronic sounds thus defining the genre as an incisive and pounding Electro Metalcore. The Bioscrape release an Ep with a thousand potential, managing to create a work that conquers and convinces, confirming what has been done so far with the previous album.
Technique and power are the main details that enhance listening with soft sounds that alternate with rougher structures, even more accepted by a vocal work that raises the potential of the EP and manages to drag the listener towards an overwhelming dimension, revealing itself damn prepared to create the right atmosphere with the rest of the band.

Bioscrape are a band that demonstrates familiarity and good intentions in proposing even more melodic solutions such as the closing track with a uniquely melancholic flavor created by a piano that beats its notes on a carpet of “NIL” keyboards. A more than deserved rest since the impetus and power with which the first three tracks are presented are something explosive, which manage to leave a devastating mark.
The EP describes the band’s vision about the sequence of events that would lead to the extinction of all living beings.(Havoc, Demise,Erase, Nil).
Perfect dynamics, original tempo variations, this is in summary the new Bioscrape Ep, to listen to and listen to again


  1. Havoc
  2. Demise
  3. Erase
  4. Nil