Tue. May 21st, 2024

Atrocifer – “Anguish”

Atrocifer announced the release of their fifth track”Anguish” from the upcoming full-length album “Devour The Yellow Heart.” The song was recorded at mTminds recording studio in Palm Beach, Fl during the months of May and June 2023. The song features Joe Evin (music and lyrics) and the incredible talent of Brian Auer (lead guitar) and Michael Pignataro (Keyboards). Inspiration for this song came from dragging the woman I love through a metaphorical hell storm. “Sometimes the demons from our past find a way of affecting the present.”

“Anguish”, the new song, gives us an enthralling and overwhelming listening, whose trend generates a whirlwind of aggressive vibrations, with rough and sharp grafts that leave room for more technical and refined riffs, classics of the typically Metal sound. A dynamic listening with an intense flavor with the intent, in our opinion, very successful to make the piece as a whole very fluid and dynamic, thus making its excellent contribution to the cause.

With this single, an excellent imprint is undoubtedly left, playing with ease and naturalness and demonstrating how Atrocifer know how to move in their musical environment, offering a captivating and current genre that remains in the mind with ease.

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