Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Angerfish sign with Ghost Record for the debut album “Unbounded”

New entry on the roster for the Hard Rock band Angerfish. The band releases the new album entitled “Unbounded” recorded at the Real Sound Studio [Langhirano, Emilia-Romagna]. The band, as a preview of the album, has released the official video based on the song “Lion’s Roar”.
Unbounded, is a mostly hard-rock album, where in some songs you can feel timid punk and metal grafts. The themes focus on topics related to women, rock and dealing with problems related to modern society

Angerfishis a band founded In 2015 in a rehearsal place in Fidenza (or a warehouse) (Parma,Italy) with lead guitarist Enrico Lisé, guitarist/singer Elia Buzzetti and drummer/singer Roger Steelnöx getting together From the start the common idea was creating a massive and dirty hard n’ heavy, with hints of different influences, more classical and blues rock based, with the ambition of bringing something original to a genre that needs it. With a first stable lineup, the band made its way through the clubs of Parma and it’s province, in 2017 they record their self titled EP: Angerfish Their sound is put to the test the following year when they record Get Uncovered, an EP containing all the rest of their material up to that point. As with the first one, the result was a mash of subgenres, too diverse even for the people in the band. After this attempt, a drastic line up change occurs and introduces Alex Petrolini as the bass player, who turns out to be perfect for both creative ambitions and their need for cohesion. Angerfish goes on stage once again in the clubs of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, playing the songs from their 2 EPs, a few covers, and towards 2019, new songs of what would become their first album: Unbounded.

Line Up:
Elia Buzzetti – Voce&Chitarra
Enrico Lisè – Chitarra
Alex Petrolini – Basso
Roger Steelnöx – Voce&Drums

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