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All This Filth, Australia’s Industrial Groove Metal Act Releases New Track “Still Bleeds My Heart”

Perth industrial groove metal act ALL THIS FILTH have released their brand new single titled “Still Bleeds My Heart“, their first new music in 3 years. The track is available on all digital platforms here:

Along with the single is a new music video which premiered on Heavy Mag yesterday, shot by Trik Photography which captures the intensity and mood of the song while taking a look at some of the issues around the world. Check out the video here:

On the concept behind the song and video, vocalist Brendan Preston shares some insight: “It Just Gets Worse!, I mean it says it all really. It’s 2022 and we are still killing each other in wars, still dealing with floods, fires and climate change, still dealing with diseases, there’s still school shootings, poverty, racism, bigotry, hatred and ignorance. Most of it’s all caused by us and our own greed, arrogance and apathy.  This world simply breaks my heart and I can’t reconcile that. When is enough, enough? When do we make some real change? That’s what this song is about.”

To the uninitiated, All This Filth are a Metal band from Perth, Western Australia who blend many different Metal and heavy sub genres including Groove Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Death Metal, Industrial Metal and even hints of Sludge and Nu-Metal to create a unique blend of aggressive fury. Strongly influenced by bands such as Fear Factory, Chimaira and Sepultura, the essence of what metal really means is expressed sonically through the crushing riffs, solid drums and ballsy bass, while being dynamically shaped with electronic keys and audio samples.

Debuting in 2008, ATF, as they are also proudly known as in the inner sanctums of the Perth metal scene, have been amassing a dedicated, loyal following with their explosive and energetic live shows, crushing releases, strong work ethic and dedication to the cause. Their debut album “11 Past” was released not long after their entrance into the world and received favorable reviews describing the music as “like a slug to the chest”. Their follow up EP release ‘Programmed to Suffer’ continued the momentum and subsequently gained a West Australian Song Of The Year nomination for the title track.

With a new line-up announced in late 2018 and their second full-length album “Misery Season” unleashed in 2019 which resulted in the band inking a management deal with Krunch Entertainment along with a second West Australian Song Of The Year nomination, the band stepped up their game with rave reviews on the new songs as well as scoring coveted slots on the 2019 WAMFest event and the sold out Slayfest in 2020 alongside some of West Australia’s metal alumni. In the middle of the Misery Season album cycle the band made their first trek over east performing several shows supporting their latest video for “Drowning”.

“Fat riffs. Nice to hear an older sound freshened up a bit” – Lochlan Watt, Triple J

2022 sees the band working on the next album which will once again see the metal outfit bring a powerful combination of musicianship and energy to the stage, having already built a reputation of laying waste to any stage they hit and delivering unforgettable performances that leave audiences in awe and out of breath.

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