Tue. May 21st, 2024

Adellaide launches grandiose brand-new music video for “Fell From The Sky”

Opening the doors to 2023, the band from Sao Paulo, ADELLAIDE, who perform a contemporary hybrid of Hard Rock, AOR and Melodic Rock and with strong inspirations and references from bands like Journey, Survivor, Kansas and Asia, have released their great new music video “Fell From The Sky”, the fourth single taken from their latest studio album “Deja Vu”, officially released on July 29th through the Danish label, Lions Pride Music.

Watch “Fell From The Sky” at https://youtu.be/aIOFB8lUU2g
Directed, recorded and produced by Rafael Agostino
Special thanks to Alexandre Romani

All three of the first singles from “Deja Vu”“Girl From Syria”, “Falling Petals” and “Without You” continue to achieve very impressive numbers of views, “Girl From Syria” having over 103,000 and “Without You” with over 29,000 views,, majestically confirming the incredible quality of ADELLAIDE‘s work. Now, with “Fell From The Sky”, this will be no different, as its melody, harmony and the story behind the lyrics play hand in hand in a garden of good musical taste and competence in hooking the listener.

“Fell From The Sky” talks about regrets for the loss of opportunities in love and past affective relationships due to the maturity that human beings develop over time. The famous inner voices spring up in thoughts of wisdom and, at the same time, sadness for missing the opportunity today to be living a great love.

For the music video two child actors were used, representing the love of a childhood, Roberto Albuquerque Brunhara – godson of Leandro Freitas (keyboard) and the same actor who participated in the music video of “Lean To Live” from 2017, and Mariana Rauber – vocalist Daniel Vargas’ student, and we also have the participation of singer Juliana Rossi, from the band Silent Cry on lead vocals along with Daniel Vargas.

“Deja Vu” is available for listening on the main digital platforms and also in physical imported CD format, released by Lions Pride Music, available for sale at Die Hard store, in Galeria do Rock/SP or through ADELLAIDE‘s official website (www.adellaideband.com).

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