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Accidental President, heavy stile with goth and metal influence

Accidental President are a female fronted Alt-Rock 3 piece playing their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences – with a theatrical flair. The band is releasing their self titled debut album today Wednesday, 1 July 2020. The band is thrilled to reveal a brand new music video Rotten Child, to offer a taste of what will hit you.

MWZ: Hi guys welcome to Musicwebzine ! Tell us something about the band?
 Hi there, we are Accidental President – a female-fronted Alt-Rock 3-piece from Sydney Aus, who love music, love art, love life, love guitars & are passionate about what we do!

MWZ: How would you define your sound?
 Accidental President has a hard rock sound with heavy influences from gothic rock and metal. We also have a theatrical flare in our songs that make them great for when we put on a live show. I personally recommend our music to people who are a fan of alternative, nu-metal and rock music in general!

MWZ: “Accidental President” is your new album what about the lyrics and why “Accidental President” ?
 We’ve gone with an eponymous title because I think it’s always a good stake in the ground for the first album. Aside from just the love of music, the band ethos lyrically is to express a social awareness & we wanted a name that reflected that in someway, especially given the history of political upheaval & inequality around the world. There’s a line of thinking that wanting to be in power should automatically disqualify you from being so & Accidental President is a nice idea that someone finds them-self in a position of power due to their good standing rather than because they strived for it. On this album we’ve written about everything from childhood angst to the waste of war, via thoughts on leadership, revenge & fighting for justice.

MWZ: Are you satisfied with your new album? or you would have liked to change something?
 I’m very happy with the way the album came out. Dave worked on the mixing of it for a long time, making each song perfect in its own individual way. You can hear how much hard work went into this album on a technical level and all that hard work definitely paid off!

MWZ: There is a difference between what you listen to and what you actually play ?
 I personally listen to a lot of genres, I always connect to the lyrics of the song instead of the instrumentation, you’ll catch me listening to pop on second, indie folk the next and then metalcore all on the same playlist. Most songs I listen to though fall into the alternative rock/metal category though, there are some really powerful messages in the lyrics of those song I listen to!

MWZ: Trivial question, how much you miss the live ?
 I miss playing live a lot, being on stage is one of the places I feel like I was born to be on. Playing live also drastically helps me with my self confidence, I may not look like it on stage but my anxiety is usually through the roof! But continued exposure to being on stage helps ease my anxieties. I hope when we get back on stage I have my confidence!

MWZ: How is the scene underground on your country ?
 So much in the mainstream is about competition & being a star that it’s given the wrong idea about life, self expression & doing something because you love it rather than because you might get famous doing it. The spin off is that in reality so few people make it out to see grass roots bands as they’re only interested if a big band is in town or it’s somebody they’ve seen on TV. But there’s still a scene and genuine music listeners who don’t need something to be big & flashy in order to appreciate it’s genuine worth do still get out to enjoy music as art & entertainment. It breeds a sense of camaraderie to a certain degree amongst the hard core, although you do still get some bands that think its all a competition.

MWZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
 Hi to everyone out there who’s kindly taken the time to read this & find out a little bit more about Accidental President. We’d love it if you’d check out the album. Give us a shout, tell us what you think, & help spread the word so that we can all keep connecting honestly & respectfully. Stay safe.

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